10 reasons you should visit Nepal

10 Reasons to visit Nepal

Nepal is as picturesque and pristine a country as any on earth. It is also one of the most vibrant and colourful destination in the world and really has something to offer every body! Sadly enough, not many people would have Nepal on their ‘places to visit before I die’ list, largely due to a lack of knowledge of what the tiny nation offers.

Here are 10 reasons that would definitely make Nepal move up that list.


Trekking in Nepal is as big as trekking gets. The country boasts of more trekking sites than any other. From day treks to weeks to months! Travel doesn’t come any more authentic as when you are using your own two feet!

Everest Base Camp Trek

manaslu circuit trek

best short treks in Nepal

trekking in Nepal

Everest Base Camp

The Everest Base Camp is a shrine for all trekkers. Close to 40,000 people visit the gargantuan mountain every year to make an attempt to scale the greatest height possible for a human being.

Check out our 16 Day Everest Base Camp Trek here 

Or you can extend your Everest Base camp trek via Gokyo Lakes here

Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp

trekking Nepal

Everest Base Camp

Nepal is a great place for sightseeing

Apart from the Himalayas, there are a lot of serene lakes, UNESCO world heritage sites and scenic villages that are worth watching.


monkey temple Kathmandu

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Nepal is one of the most affordable and high value travel destinations in the world

You can stay in really comfortable hotels and eat like a king on any budget. The main drawcard is that you can really score a bargain on guided treks and tours and there really is something for all budgets here in Nepal!

pokhara nepal

spiritual vacation nepal

Release Your Inner Adrenaline Junkie!

White water rafting, bungee jumping, waterfall ice climbing are must-tries for adrenaline junkies on their journey tour.

bungee Nepal
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The Warmth of the Nepalese Community

Nepalese people are very warm, friendly and hospitable and the country is generally considered to be a very safe travel destination for solo travellers and also solo female travellers too. Nepal


nepalese people

spiritual vacation nepal


Nepal is a great place for wildlife enthusiasts with a host of national parks where you could see rare species such as one horned rhino, musk deer and Royal Bengal Tiger among others.

Tiger in Nepal
Source: Flickr
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Nepal is Draped in Divine Energy unlike anywhere else in the world

Nepal is a Hindu nation but also the birth place of Buddha. There are a lot of temples and monasteries that drape you in peace, tranquility and divinity. As soon as you arrive in Nepal you will feel a sort of magic here and this is what makes Nepal such an unforgettable destination that draws travellers back over and over again.

If you are interested in experiencing an in depth tour involving ancient spiritual practices and healing techniques, you can check out our Eat, Pray, Love Experience by clicking here

Kathmandu Durbar Square

spiritual vacation nepal

spiritual vacation nepal


spiritual vacation nepal

spiritual vacation nepal


The Food!!!

Nepali dal-bhat-tarkari, Thukpa, Tongba, Momos, Pulao, Gorkhali Lamb are just a few dishes from the elaborate Nepalese cuisine that you should not miss!

MoMos are a much loved snack here in Nepal! Little puffs of happiness!
Source: Flickr
Food in Nepal
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Nepal food

Nepali food

food in Nepal

Unlimited Trails to Explore the Himalayan Way of Life

Apart from the Everest base camp, there are A LOT of other treks around Kathmandu. The Langtang trek, Poonhill trek, Annapurna Base Camp are just a few trekking sites that you can explore on your journey through Nepal.

trekking in Nepal

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